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My Robot Friend – By Your Side with Lyrics

Great song about friendship by a band who have a name My Robot Friend that I sure you agree matches well with the whole Trash Robot vibe. I like the lyrics of this song, the idea of having a friend you can depend on a friend by your side. A butler robot to help in many ways including brush up on your recycling skills in the kitchen. Below I have included a helpful gift for your young son or family member. Happy mothers day! Read more »

Kiss Robot Trailer With Nice Indie Music

Gaming is increasingly becoming popular as a career thanks to Youtube, the Kiss Robot video is a great example of creativity. Included is a delightful image portraying how good London recycling can actually be. Some play games live and host on their website live all day, training in teams of people around the world thanks to XBox and other live gaming providers. Other ways Youtube give kids hope of creating trash into treasure is the ability to get creative and make Youtube videos. Below is a clip of how creative these videos can be. Good luck. Be sure to watch and listen to the video, all the best Trash Robot. Read more »

Playmobil Toy Recycling Truck with Flashing Light

The Playmobil toy Recycling Truck has flashing lights, The workmen have their work cut out collecting the recycled materials in the large truck. The rear of the truck has a bin-lifting mechanism the roof of the cabin can be removed. Includes 2 Playmobil workmen. Read more »