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About Us

This site is provided for readers of Trash Robot, which is back by popular demand. Many of you recycle, some of you like robotics, others work in the field of recycling, and waste management. Within a short period of time this membership will deliver three fundamentally effective things, so be sure to bookmark this URL and pop back for updates.

I predict in about 3 months we will have developed a six month program that will be a bespoken for your needs and interests, the way the price plan will be delivered will be flexible on three levels of your own interests, if you wish to know more about me or get ready and be part of this project you will find a list of useful links to get you started.

  1. Did you arrive via Trash Robot information portal? Either way you can get there here.
  2. Perhaps you would just like to join immediately to be at the forefront of products and launch.
  3. From there you will want to join up to the forum, where you can get involved and expand.
  4. In all your curiosity you want more information about the author and administrator of Trash Robot
  5. For more information about technology, mobile tech news and internet marketing and blogging secrets you can delve further.

Within all these locations you will get a better idea of the terms and conditions, they are the usual necessary protocols needed to keep everything above board. I hope you enjoy the Trash Robot experience provided over the past two years and hopefully soon you will be able to buy into the franchise. If you wish to throw in some funds to assist in the development of Trash Robot franchise then please feel free to leave any donations at the PayPal button provided below.

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