Snow Patrol Man

Outside is cold, inside is even colder. The snow is something you just have to get used to because this time of year everything is the same.

South of the lowest point of our planet is a place which is very cold. Only the strongest people can live there. It was only a matter of time before robots would take over.

The snow patrol man had boots made out of man made furs. The snow patrol robot was man made too, he had rubber soles, big eyes, big feet, big everything. The snow patrol man learned to like having the snow patrol robot around.

But is wasn’t always that way.

People started to get beef with robots about ten years after they hit the mass market. They took a lot of jobs and used lots of electricity.

They looked like something out of space comics, they had big bald heads and were designed so they look like something from another planet.

The BBC and Amazon all tried different ways to take over the robotics sector. In the future these companies are not very big. It all started a few years from now. Hiring young people, paying low wages and treating staff like dirt. Robots were very attractive to these and many other big companies. And robot manufacturers knew all this years before they ever launched these worker robots.

They made them look like they were from outer space because they knew one day beings would come down from outer space and perhaps feel lonely.

Anyway they didn’t want the BBC or Amazon getting their grubby hands on things. The snow patrol man was a big advocate of the robot manufacturers.

Sydne rome robot

Sydne Rome in Some Girls Do.

Some Girls Do released in 1979 from Pinewood Studio’s is an amazing spy-film recorded the same time as a James Bond movie.

This is a mans world and the agent Drummond is surrounded by beautiful women many of whom are actually robots.

Flicky played by the lovely Sydne Rome is my favourite character, she has lovely blue eyes. She is also a popular Italian singer who sang duets with the likes of Julio Engelias.

This film has a funky soundtrack electronic music perfect for robot movies. These robots are very life like, drink water and provide human resources like waitressing and escorting. Some are finely tuned to be assassins.

I hope you watch this film because even though it is nearly 40 years old the special effects are really cool. Look out for the robot vacuum cleaner and the supersonic weather beater.