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Advances in Robot Technology

The advances in Robot technology is in line with all new technology. There are cities around the world that depend on advancement. In this post I outline some of these areas and how they are helping advance Robot patents.

Open source software and legal requirements have many loop holes depending on which country you live in. When the practical value outweighs the patent and legal requirements a surge of companies jump on the idea.

Robots are not human, however the technology influences the humans to get creative. Areas in the work place that require accuracy are a great place for robots. On the other side of the fence Robots can replace human responses. Extensions to man can make him (or her) stronger. Robot hardware in the field is pushed forward in movies, factories and star of events.

Robot doctors are put in place to diagnose and do simple operations. Equally robots can make trades, sell at certain times and pick up on trends and triggers.

Robert Bridge - Robot Technology
We see Robots in China being centre stage at events, in shopping centres and cartoons. The rate of growrh in this sector in say Shenzen is a necessity for the city to grow. The city is already growing rapidly in a short space of time. Robots are the centre stage for this sort of symbolism.

People want to where Robots on clothes to show there support for the robot in the world. Testing robots outside of a Crash Test Dummy environment is the problem.

Digital robots tuned to trigger when certain actions around the world occur. This depends on many syndication settings. Robots help investigate the quickest route to the destination. Google already have robot driven cars, taking the driving liscense out of the picture.

We see Robot cops in films but I argue the world is not ready for this. Man hackers can quite easily take control, duplicate to outlaw the patents.

The advances in Robot technology a too vast to mention here in one post. As it happens I will do my best to report. Please subscribe.

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Amazon Drones Testing In UK And Hobbyists

Drones for Amazon in the UK need to pass the board of safety the CAA. Robot enthusiasts use drones to monitor and video the landscape. The drones fly about 350 ft in the air. So what’s the difference between Drones for delivering goods and drones for recreational purposes?

The consensus seems to be the safety board CAA need to check the line of site in the air. The tests is of a distance of 10 – 15 kilometres. If you can see from such a distance on a clear day then the pass should come about.

Drones around the world are used for all sorts of purposes, mainly filming. This brings a new edge to filming remote landscapes. However I am sure rules will be in place contrary to whatever laws and passes, surveillance drones claim.

Imagine seeing a drone with a camera on it flying over the Amazons. The indigenous tribes maybe fearful of this sort of thing. So some sort of StarTrek protocols need to be put in place.

Imagine a drone which was able to enter a Star Gate that travels millions of miles, or a time portal. This would give us a new window on the world. This sort of thing in the imagination is already possible using CGI, photoshop and Disney animation type software.

The mind is possible of amazing things. For many years supposed gifted people claim – to have the gift of remote viewing.

There has never been a true test to prove this. However some of the tests made using envelopes with photographs and inside the envelopes the RV of certain characters have proved positive.

Missing people have been found and perpetrators have been found in the strangest locations.

If we look at the drone hobbyists we can see their passion and motivations for investing in this sort of technology.

The same people who have flown miniature remote control planes, boats and helicopters may well be interested in messing about with drones.

The same people who went out and bought Google Glasses or the latest Mobile device will understandably want to take these devices up in the skies and make videos.

Drones provide them all these sorts of solutions.

There is also advancements on solar powered engines which means these drones can stay in the sky for longer durations, travel further into the field and keep the costs down.

Intelligence agencies already use drones to film areas of contention

The bone of contention is about the privacy issues.

I imagine like James Bond has a licence to Kill, the intelligence drone has a licence to film.

The question then is whoever issues these licences should be looking to bend the rules a bit.

And hopefully this does not conflict with how Amazon drones are already delivering packages or bite into how important parcels are monitored?

Amazon drones

If wars can be prevented and terrorists identified and arrested, this is a good thing.

But if like that film ‘Eye in the Sky’ shows a bombing campaign can be executed, then we should put a stop to these unmanned weapons.

Even sending in jets flown by humans bombing innocent people is wrong. I confident agencies understand this simple stuff and are doing all that they can.

I’m droning on a bit now, so I leave it there. If you have anything to add about drones, or are in a particular field of robotics or as parents you want to share you expertise go ahead.

Below is a clip of ‘Eye in the Sky’ starring English actor Helen Mirren.

I Trash Robot first found out about this film on the side of a red double decker bus advertisement, three months after its original release. So there may have been sanctions on trying to release this film to the general public. Watch the highlights and decide yourself.

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cloud computing solutions hybrid cloud benefits

Lets kick off 2015! D’n’B Mix from DJRAP PROPA TALENT. by Djrap on Mixcloud

A public cloud definition, some more benefit of hybrid cloud and an introduction to grid computing, utility computing with helpful cloud for computing for dummies definitions of computer technology in relation to information available to public cloud computing.

Public cloud access is always available to an IT team they pay, when the information was hosted on a private server this information was only available to the IT people when need be or as already mentioned in a previous post to liquidate the company. The cloud provides mechanisms that any organisation could well already have within their organisation to do. The key thing that is holding companies back is the ability to distinguish and weigh up the pro’s and cons of moving from a private server to a cloud based public cloud computing. Some of the public data is available to the company assigned to host the cloud based data, as apposed to clients, associates and owners of the company. Outside of this is related to bandwidth and backend facilities to store data and guarantee as long as the bills are in good standing that the data will not be lost of shared with third parties.

As a company grows a scalable model is very appealing, another term for this in relation to cloud computing is elastic (flexible and able to stretch). For example if you employ someone new you want o easily provide the same email facilities you provide to all your employees. If a hybrid, or public cloud based software offers this all you will have to do is pay a small charge every month for the new employee. If it was private and you were wanting to expand on your already strained private host you will have to get in the IT people to do bits and bobs.

In the IT world most IT assistants agree that cloud based solutions are good and that they will grow. This causes anxiety for their working future with employers on Private servers, but it makes their job a lot easier with the hybrid server options. The ability to deploy complex tasks and reduce overpaying for private server space reduce company costs and getting used to a pay as you go model. A launch of a campaign or sales product means the strain will go up. Pay as you go is ok especially when sales die down, the cost will reduce. Hosting video’s on cloud means their is less chance of a website crashing under the strain of all the visitors, and pay per click campaigns will help assign any future expected amounts of traffic, from what country since this will all be targeted in the campaign.

computing partsThe benefits are officially called operational flexibility, scalaibility for heavy sales or email campaigns sent out. Both part and parcel of the hybrid cloud benefits for companies and indeed IT staff. Hybrid is still only a 99% guarantee so big fish companies are not convinced yet, however companies are strengthening deals by implementing sweet spots of individual companies and clients. Companies have certain service-level agreements (SLA) with the services they provide to clients, this includes metrics as well as security guarantees. Anywhere with a payroll or a bank statement should be very low profile. Companies provide case studies and reports compiled throughout the years for customers who are considering their choice of cloud based hosting from the metrics. Forresters Research Inc is one such company known for compiling helpful matrices. The less facilities you need the lower the cost and less amount of information to learn about on top of what you and your members of staff already know about. The SLA determines a lot of these decisions.

Find out more hybrid cloud architecture resources in the PDF link below from HP and Intel back in 2012.

Smith, Laura (2012) What is driving hybrid cloud computing? Differences explained: Private vs. public vs. hybrid cloud computing. Retrieved Feb 15, 2015 from


Computer definition and benifits of cloud based solutions

The benefits of cloud for the end user or team of users, how hybrid cloud benefits can help reduce costs, security concerns you might have to consider before deciding to use public cloud computing.
These shared services are assessable on the net by the same people who pay the company hosting for the distributing facilities. If you have genuine concerns about your companies data you do still have to option of using your private server and assigning not so private data to the public cloud, this is called Hybrid Cloud model.

You can find out more about the extra benefits by going to Microsoft Office 365, and Azure is another one. One of the main benefits is being able to easily manage through alternative solutions included within cloud based pay as you go hosting. This means less work is needed to assign tasks and you only pay for what you use rather than paying a monthly cost early on of facilities that may never be used.

Organisations benefit from cloud computing because they are able to deploy access to members of staff who can safely behind a firewall host and communicate within that organisation. Previously without hybrid cloud benefits the costs for such a team often went over the budget and businesses then had to shut down the hosting for a few months to pay bill or even worse have to pay an IT company just to shut down completely to transfer the data and at worst liquidate the company. With anything new there are new variables to implement, the cloud work based on API – hypervisor application programming interfaces. The complexity still needs to be simplified a great way of doing this is providing step by step videos with nice graphics and easy learning strategies. Providing internal or external free organisation sites for step by step learning to simplify interoperability and ensure any moves in company hosting or intranet changes can equally be easily restructured. When more than one software is in in use, coding needs to be correct to ensure each work, there is no clash and a confirmed hand shake can take place. We take for granted Cloud based hosting millions of people add their music to iTunes, or Facebook users share music via Spotify. Electronic music is hosted and sold via sites like Jelly and SoundShark, its not all just Apple and Amazon. The desktop player for Mac is a Critrix product , Citrix is also well done for launching webinar software so computer users can watch live presentations. Again they are also very popular of intranet sites so launch applications so as to reduce the chance of getting viruses. Without the correct understanding of Citrix this can also impaire the effective usability. So IT people can not stop learning, gaining new certificates taking a personal developing interest in their chosen field.

Claybrook, Bill. (2012) What is driving hybrid cloud computing? Differences explained: Private vs. public vs. hybrid cloud computing. Retrieved Feb 15, 2015 from


Definition and Benefits Of Cloud

What is the cloud? A definition of cloud, the computer definition, how to use cloud computing on linux, the cloud definition for dummies, cloud storage solutions and other cloud computing solutions.
It is a distributed computing model service provided online to everybody to pay as you go your hosting bills. It is also a growing concept where everyday new ideas are being made by start up companies who are providing new access to resources of their making. You might want to host images (jpeg, gif, tiff, moving images) or you might want to take some weight of your conventionally billed server by assigning videos (mov, mp4 or mobile formatted videos) to the cloud.

Marketing and cloud sales aims and attributions of the help clients with software and provide the necessary attributes of cutting costs and suggesting the correct security measures depending on the circumstances of the company.

The cloud services connected between your modem, a firewall, the router to the server on one side and peoples computers on the other. If the private cloud services are in place the computers that this data is accessible to is only through the intranet of that company rather than public which has to travel over an internet connection. This is why only 99% security guarantees can be made. You way they guarantee this is by implementing the correct Encryption and authentication mechanisms’.

The queries can exist when a signal has to be transmitted through zones around the world. As long as the data is correctly encrypted their is less of a chance of a country being able to decher what the data is or means. These factors are considered within the infrastructure of the cloud based company.

On a local private server equal concerns have been noted about internal staff and the way they use their designated facilities within the companies intranet. For example they could during their work get viruses whilst on the net or share information via email to outside bodies. Spying from within is another concern everybody have these days.

When you have public hosting or using shared public hosting its cheaper, though there is a chance of loss or control of data along with the added confusion of being hosted with other companies on the same shared servers. I call this information spaghetti, coders of websites have similar judgements.

On the private cloud hosting or use of private servers there is much less chance other than internal errors (staff etc) of software losing data rather than IT people, therefore less security concerns, the downside of a private side is you pay tooth and nail.

Citrix company provides all sorts of solutions of running an intranet smoothly, reducing the risk of users mistakes, help open software from USB devices without any risks of picking up anything untoward. Along with the software they offer online support through forums and offer trials so users can dip their toes in the water. They give good incites into what more advanced countries are doing in the cloud. For example Citrix has a translatable link to Japanese forums.

cloud computing

Cloud Computing Miller, M. 2012
Miller, M. (2009) Understanding Cloud Computing. Retrieved February 12, 2015 from

Other things you might want to explore yourself after reading this depending on your current understanding could be something like how t use cloud based benefits on linux and find out about the hybrid cloud benefits and usability of using a Linux based server.