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iPhone Or Shopping For A LCD Digital Camera

I was looking on Google for a LCD screen Digital camera today and found shopping difficult, I know more about photography more than anything really. I found all kinds of cameras and camcorders, in this article I list my favourite camera, explain why its a good digital camera and hopefully distinguish between a good digital camera with a decent LCD to a simple iPhone or Android.

The obvious reason for buying a digital camera is the ease of the digital zoom, there are apps on my Android Robot phone which I shall mention a bit about later in this article but I have always found it hard to use the zoom. A digital camera has a digital zoom and the mega pixels are much greater, this is great for the picture. Also the digital camera I have found is really good becuase I can attach it to a tripod so my video’s although portable will be more stable. The Android robot phone is good but is getting old I wanted Jelly Bean 4.2 so I could update and see if this was any better.

The camera I made an offer on is called a Kodak Digital Play, If you are a member of Traffic Geyser then you will know why I chose this camera. My hope is to capture more footage of robots in London. A few years ago I managed to film a robotic arm in Charing Cross, soon I hope to get some footage of real robots.

With a digital digicam and the LCD screen framing images I am sure you agree is much easier than I previously thought. The secret to a nice video is getting out the house going for a nice walk and taking some nice photographs  The great thing about having a decent nice cheap camera is you can get other people to take pictures without any fear of it getting dropped or damaged in some way and basically even an idiot could take a picture with these camera’s. Simply press the button and away you go.

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