Robots Who Recycle Things

There are robots who recycle things and machines that do all the recycling.Robots Who Recycle Things

Advances in robot technology have thrown a lot of people of course. Many of us thought technology would inspire us to do more recycling. By example we thought we could help landfill problems around the world. We would look to new ways of dealing with municipal waste. Those days are gone, machines are now available to deal with plastic waste. The 3D printers have opened up an industry where a robot can shine and the machines they or us use are tools.

Plastic bowls are being made from plastic mincers. Companies are looking for all different colours of plastic to put in the mix to make a tie dye design bowl or beaker. Collecting the plastic is still a chore for the family. The beach clean, the trip to the dump and the methods used in the home are jobs for humans. In the factory there are robots, they are programmed to work with machines and be nice to people who bring plastic to be recycled.

Still a lot of people do not want to meet face to face with machines. They much rather someone be there when they ring the bell. Opening hours are limited and sometimes people are on a yak butter tea break.

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Advances in Robot Technology

The advances in Robot technology is in line with all new technology. There are cities around the world that depend on advancement. In this post I outline some of these areas and how they are helping advance Robot patents.

Open source software and legal requirements have many loop holes depending on which country you live in. When the practical value outweighs the patent and legal requirements a surge of companies jump on the idea.

Robots are not human, however the technology influences the humans to get creative. Areas in the work place that require accuracy are a great place for robots. On the other side of the fence Robots can replace human responses. Extensions to man can make him (or her) stronger. Robot hardware in the field is pushed forward in movies, factories and star of events.

Robot doctors are put in place to diagnose and do simple operations. Equally robots can make trades, sell at certain times and pick up on trends and triggers.

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We see Robots in China being centre stage at events, in shopping centres and cartoons. The rate of growrh in this sector in say Shenzen is a necessity for the city to grow. The city is already growing rapidly in a short space of time. Robots are the centre stage for this sort of symbolism.

People want to where Robots on clothes to show there support for the robot in the world. Testing robots outside of a Crash Test Dummy environment is the problem.

Digital robots tuned to trigger when certain actions around the world occur. This depends on many syndication settings. Robots help investigate the quickest route to the destination. Google already have robot driven cars, taking the driving liscense out of the picture.

We see Robot cops in films but I argue the world is not ready for this. Man hackers can quite easily take control, duplicate to outlaw the patents.

The advances in Robot technology a too vast to mention here in one post. As it happens I will do my best to report. Please subscribe.