Robin Williams Robot Film

A film with Robin Williams as a Robot who lives helping a family for numerous generations.
In the near future robots are made to live alongside humans helping them do daily chores. As the patent changes overtime, the fear of humans taking over the workplace slowed down further research.
Robin Williams play’s a very unique and responsible robot who thanks to his friendly owner’s managed to slip through the reversal and deactivation of most other owner’s.
A fun film full of interesting test’s and turns. Robin Williams show’s interesting sides of his owner character in the robot star of the movie. His relationship’s over the years make him a very clever robot.
He succeeds by asking for small incremental changes, thought out from research online and books around the house, from the library or online.
His skill’s gained the same way helps him start making money. He gets a bank account and with his own hands builds a condo by the beach.
He gets lonely and curious about human emotion’s. As the money came in, he spent wisely by investing in his own personal development and sharing the wealth with every skilled human he came across. For decades he searches all over the world for other models the same as him. He meets a female robot similar to his outer casing who dances and sings.
Unfortunately she is a newer dumbed down model restored by a clever robot maker that owns a business by the coast of California.
There are many turns in this film. Although the script is very simple and the line’s of actor’s simple and performed well, the background and locations are simple enough for viewers.
The emotional impact of this film is very revealing.
There is also interesting peeks into future medical science, robotics in general and cybernetic human replacements.
I rate this film, good family viewing, is funny and could also be classed as romance.

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