Sydne rome robot

Sydne Rome in Some Girls Do.

Some Girls Do released in 1979 from Pinewood Studio’s is an amazing spy-film recorded the same time as a James Bond movie.

This is a mans world and the agent Drummond is surrounded by beautiful women many of whom are actually robots.

Flicky played by the lovely Sydne Rome is my favourite character, she has lovely blue eyes. She is also a popular Italian singer who sang duets with the likes of Julio Engelias.

This film has a funky soundtrack electronic music perfect for robot movies. These robots are very life like, drink water and provide human resources like waitressing and escorting. Some are finely tuned to be assassins.

I hope you watch this film because even though it is nearly 40 years old the special effects are really cool. Look out for the robot vacuum cleaner and the supersonic weather beater.

Ex Machina made pleasant viewing the special effects are outstanding and the film does a good job of bringing emotion into the narrative between humans and robots.

There are decent up and coming characters in the film who are all likeable characters.

In the film you find out that the Ex Machina is actually a women. The creator thought it fitting to make the robot a she. Interestingly there is not yet a female plural of a female or for that matter male robots.

The full movie can be viewed over on YouTube for $3.49 and I have included a link, check it out its called Ex Machina.

Just a subnote if you are wanting to watch this film I think there is a certificate on the film. Ex Machina has been rated as a 15 so be mindful if you are watching this with your children.

Ex Machina is a pleasant enough film and there are plenty of surprises. Everybody that I spoke to really liked watching this at pictures. Its one of those films where you just want to drop everything and go to the cinema to watch on a bigger screen that what you would have a home. YouTube is good though and its lot easier than going to video rentals.

Chappie is one of those Australian movies that really make you think what are they doing in Australia. I mean it is really good. Here is the trailer.

Chappie is one of many robots who get taken of to the heap due to damage done in the factory.

The setting is in the near future on planet earth. There are some great car stunts in this film and the robot is a decent design.

In Chappie you can learn about how people are trained and indoctrinated in gangs.

Chappie gets kidnapped by the locals and they fall for his well mannered character. They train him to become more obedient and be a rebel.

Its one of those films that can really make you think.