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cloud computing solutions hybrid cloud benefits

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A public cloud definition, some more benefit of hybrid cloud and an introduction to grid computing, utility computing with helpful cloud for computing for dummies definitions of computer technology in relation to information available to public cloud computing.

Public cloud access is always available to an IT team they pay, when the information was hosted on a private server this information was only available to the IT people when need be or as already mentioned in a previous post to liquidate the company. The cloud provides mechanisms that any organisation could well already have within their organisation to do. The key thing that is holding companies back is the ability to distinguish and weigh up the pro’s and cons of moving from a private server to a cloud based public cloud computing. Some of the public data is available to the company assigned to host the cloud based data, as apposed to clients, associates and owners of the company. Outside of this is related to bandwidth and backend facilities to store data and guarantee as long as the bills are in good standing that the data will not be lost of shared with third parties.

As a company grows a scalable model is very appealing, another term for this in relation to cloud computing is elastic (flexible and able to stretch). For example if you employ someone new you want o easily provide the same email facilities you provide to all your employees. If a hybrid, or public cloud based software offers this all you will have to do is pay a small charge every month for the new employee. If it was private and you were wanting to expand on your already strained private host you will have to get in the IT people to do bits and bobs.

In the IT world most IT assistants agree that cloud based solutions are good and that they will grow. This causes anxiety for their working future with employers on Private servers, but it makes their job a lot easier with the hybrid server options. The ability to deploy complex tasks and reduce overpaying for private server space reduce company costs and getting used to a pay as you go model. A launch of a campaign or sales product means the strain will go up. Pay as you go is ok especially when sales die down, the cost will reduce. Hosting video’s on cloud means their is less chance of a website crashing under the strain of all the visitors, and pay per click campaigns will help assign any future expected amounts of traffic, from what country since this will all be targeted in the campaign.

computing partsThe benefits are officially called operational flexibility, scalaibility for heavy sales or email campaigns sent out. Both part and parcel of the hybrid cloud benefits for companies and indeed IT staff. Hybrid is still only a 99% guarantee so big fish companies are not convinced yet, however companies are strengthening deals by implementing sweet spots of individual companies and clients. Companies have certain service-level agreements (SLA) with the services they provide to clients, this includes metrics as well as security guarantees. Anywhere with a payroll or a bank statement should be very low profile. Companies provide case studies and reports compiled throughout the years for customers who are considering their choice of cloud based hosting from the metrics. Forresters Research Inc is one such company known for compiling helpful matrices. The less facilities you need the lower the cost and less amount of information to learn about on top of what you and your members of staff already know about. The SLA determines a lot of these decisions.

Find out more hybrid cloud architecture resources in the PDF link below from HP and Intel back in 2012.

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