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Amazon Drones Testing In UK And Hobbyists

Drones for Amazon in the UK need to pass the board of safety the CAA. Robot enthusiasts use drones to monitor and video the landscape. The drones fly about 350 ft in the air. So what’s the difference between Drones for delivering goods and drones for recreational purposes?

The consensus seems to be the safety board CAA need to check the line of site in the air. The tests is of a distance of 10 – 15 kilometres. If you can see from such a distance on a clear day then the pass should come about.

Drones around the world are used for all sorts of purposes, mainly filming. This brings a new edge to filming remote landscapes. However I am sure rules will be in place contrary to whatever laws and passes, surveillance drones claim.

Imagine seeing a drone with a camera on it flying over the Amazons. The indigenous tribes maybe fearful of this sort of thing. So some sort of StarTrek protocols need to be put in place.

Imagine a drone which was able to enter a Star Gate that travels millions of miles, or a time portal. This would give us a new window on the world. This sort of thing in the imagination is already possible using CGI, photoshop and Disney animation type software.

The mind is possible of amazing things. For many years supposed gifted people claim – to have the gift of remote viewing.

There has never been a true test to prove this. However some of the tests made using envelopes with photographs and inside the envelopes the RV of certain characters have proved positive.

Missing people have been found and perpetrators have been found in the strangest locations.

If we look at the drone hobbyists we can see their passion and motivations for investing in this sort of technology.

The same people who have flown miniature remote control planes, boats and helicopters may well be interested in messing about with drones.

The same people who went out and bought Google Glasses or the latest Mobile device will understandably want to take these devices up in the skies and make videos.

Drones provide them all these sorts of solutions.

There is also advancements on solar powered engines which means these drones can stay in the sky for longer durations, travel further into the field and keep the costs down.

Intelligence agencies already use drones to film areas of contention

The bone of contention is about the privacy issues.

I imagine like James Bond has a licence to Kill, the intelligence drone has a licence to film.

The question then is whoever issues these licences should be looking to bend the rules a bit.

And hopefully this does not conflict with how Amazon drones are already delivering packages or bite into how important parcels are monitored?

Amazon drones

If wars can be prevented and terrorists identified and arrested, this is a good thing.

But if like that film ‘Eye in the Sky’ shows a bombing campaign can be executed, then we should put a stop to these unmanned weapons.

Even sending in jets flown by humans bombing innocent people is wrong. I confident agencies understand this simple stuff and are doing all that they can.

I’m droning on a bit now, so I leave it there. If you have anything to add about drones, or are in a particular field of robotics or as parents you want to share you expertise go ahead.

Below is a clip of ‘Eye in the Sky’ starring English actor Helen Mirren.

I Trash Robot first found out about this film on the side of a red double decker bus advertisement, three months after its original release. So there may have been sanctions on trying to release this film to the general public. Watch the highlights and decide yourself.