Take Out The Trash Robots

Trash Robots are eating away at the trash inside us and working outside the atmosphere to take out the trash there.

Robots who recycle things have to be very intelligent to remember all the different types of rubbish in and out there.

Trash Robots are not new concepts. We already inside have nanobots that can do all the grunt work for us. When ever somebody gets ill we could send these boys in transdermically to assess and micromanagement the situation.

Out in the field’s we could easily make giant haystacks in the knowledge’ all is good. Trash Robots spreading silage from all the organic inside trash. Like clouds and rain they are set and forget. Like clock’s we wind them up to save energy. Or we could give them windmill hats so they blend in with the other farmers wives little children.

From an aerial view point Trash Robots hover like helicopter’s assessing situation’s. They should be able to detect the best crops below. And spray natural chemicals to make everything natural rather than geo modified produce. They can lift up and take out the trash and put it someplace safe so we can as a human race crack on regardless. When it comes to gardening in this day and age, we should not have to bury ourselves in the sand. Neither should we make do with our own allotments alone. In the future a Trash Robot is a friend for life. Trash Robots have green fingers and should be very good at taking out the trash.

Trash Robots taking out the trash is a whole different ball game. That said they will place by similar rules. Once we inject them into people’s bodies like bar codes they should have simplified the whole process. Small particles that remotely move around the blood stream. Micro robots busy taking out the trash with a patented filtration system. They should last much more than a couple of month’s.

Doctors should from computers be able to access viewer inside you bodies. If any problems show it will be from Trash Robots X Ray glasses specially designed to see everything. Trash Robots inside will mean goodbye to all those stool sample’s. They will be sorting out chaff from wheat. Smaller than unboiled pearls of barley and big enough to potter about our bodies all day, until finished whatever chores they should be doing.

Both Trash Robots are pious enough to tell one another when updates are due. New organisms evolve from the next antiseptic wipe effecting our insides. Our tolerance levels grow as the atmosphere changes. We breath in and exhale rubbish. The carbon dioxide like tree’s overtime no longer grow as long as they should.

Trash Robots are made locally. There should be no need for importation from Ali Baba, eBay or Amazon. They will do the things that are impossible for us as humans. They each have their side of the fence and we still get to sit on our own fences. We could even make nice straw hat’s for them in Spring and Summer.