In respect of the entrepreneurial spirit Trash Robot takes a headlined outlook on goals, afterall in order to score we need to know where to aim. To get clear on our aims take a look at our future vision.

Recycling and waste management is not a game, robots are more than just science fiction. Online we see allsorts of toys reappearing. This I think is because for many years now the world is ready for robot machines doing stuff.

If we can program machines to do stuff, we too should be able to do all kinds of things. More recently we have seen drones help fishermen catch tuna from the beach. We see men in flying machines breaking world Guinness records. Music is being constantly released by robot affiliates in a bid to please the masses. And as we are already seeing everything has some sort of time code attached to it.

Bering all these redevelopments in mind its time to realign our own goal posts, afterall Trash Robot has been on the fence long enough. With all that in mind, so then it is time I think to take thing’s to the next level what you think? Leave some blurbs and tips below.

A lot of people have asked over the years allsorts of things from all manners of observations via phone, email, forum posts and backend membership blurbs. It was a lot to juggle around, however at the time I wanted to have all the shiny objects. Trash Robot has always done it’s best to be one step ahead of the curb in the hope you all follow by example.

Things have changed however, due to difficulties arising with url visibility. No longer are older .com sites worth anything special. The ranking has fallen, Google has lost control of it’s own goals. I am confident however that this will change. Afterall Google company has already trimmed the fat by globally laying people off. They have shutdown allsorts of API’s and indoctrinating new user’s with a wonderful abundance of training.

It’s time Trash Robot took it’s own wise leafs out of books to simplifying things, instead of burdening members with obsolete social media strategies. Ecommerce is another bungling minefield. Sites offering 80% of basic stuff instead of giving all in everything you need. Who do you think motivates Amazon, eBay and Ali Baba?